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Colgrove Financial Blog: mike's minute

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Mike Bow-Wow-Ski Here:I look forward to Valentine's Day each year to see how Craig will express his love and appreciation for all I do for him during the year. One of my reoccurring dreams (yes, we do dream) is finding chocolate-covered barbecue ribs in my bowl. I am salivating just thinking about this. READ MORE >>

Mike Bow-Wow-Ski Here: Lately I have seen a lot of TV articles on the "10 Most This or That" or "7 Biggest This or That," whatever it may be — and since we are starting another new year, it got me thinking about my life this past year. READ MORE >>

Merry Christmas from Mike Bow-Wow-Ski: Christmas is a wonderful and confusing time for me. I love the extra sweet and edible things that come into the house. The more opportunities I have to eat something the better. But then there are packages that have strange colored paper around them with fancy knots for some reason. READ MORE >>

Mike Bow-Wow-Ski Here: What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? For me it is little kids. They are built closer to the ground, so they are more accessible and enjoy walking around aimlessly with some sort of edible thing in their grasp. They are also easily distracted, and their attention span is really short. READ MORE >>

Mike Bow-Wow-Ski Here: Craig's office was closed the other day for a holiday called "Labor Day." Turns out a lot of businesses were closed at the same time. It baffles me, as neither Craig nor Geri nor anyone else in the office that I am aware of delivered a baby. Now, that would be something to close down and celebrate. READ MORE >>

Mike Bow-Wow-Ski Here: Man, I am really glad I was born a dog. The neighborhood is really quiet after the children went back to school the other day. They were running around making noises and never seemed to stop moving; it reminded me of when I was a pup. They've been herded into rectangular spaces, to learn who knows what? READ MORE >>

Mike Bow-Wow-Ski Here: Did you know Embrace Your Geekness Day is July 13th? While Craig is waxing away about his geeky Colgrove Financial App, I wanted to remind him that some dogs are geeky as well. Here is how you can recognize a Geek Canine: Does his dog bowl have binary code printed on it? READ MORE >>

Mike Bow-Wow-Ski Here Again: OK, so did you miss it? On June 5th, we had a National Donut Day! For those of you two legged creatures that have your head in the fog (figure of speech here in the desert), you were supposed to take your dog out for a donut that day. READ MORE >>

Mike Bow-Wow-Ski here: Spring is gone already and you may have noticed that your two legged creatures are getting out of the desert as fast as their two little legs will carry them. Some will take you (Yeah, I love to travel!) and others will leave you home (I hate getting left at home!). READ MORE >>

Mike Bow-Wow-Ski Here: If you have been living in a cave, it is with Great sadness that I inform you that Leonard Nimoy passed away last month. He was an iconic actor who played the part of Spock, as a half human and half Vulcan person on Star Trek. Spock was the second in command of the Starship Enterprise. READ MORE >>

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