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Generalist Insurance agents probably understand your personal auto coverage, at least within the confines of the sole company they represent. But how do you know that they provide the best coverage for your business and your livelihood? (For that matter, how do you know they're even the best option for your auto coverage, since they represent only one carrier?) You have worked hard to get through school and build a practice that supports you and your family. You should be sure that your insurance agent is providing you with the coverage and dedication to protect that substantial investment.

Here are some questions to ask when evaluating dental office insurance coverage:
  • Do you know how defense costs are handled in your malpractice policy? Are they included in the total or are they outside your total?
  • Do you have first dollar defense cost? If you have this, when someone sues you, and they lose, this is not part of your limits., (Remember: You will need an attorney, no matter how stupid the lawsuit may be.)
  • If you send someone to the office supply store or to pick up lunch for the office, and their vehicle gets t-boned at the intersection, does your policy cover that? After all they are on the clock.
  • Are your people classified correctly for your workers compensation insurance program? If you are not covered on your workers compensation program, (and you should not be, if you arrange proper coverage for a personal salary continuation program) how much will your family receive if you are injured on the job? Remember this is for on the job. Let's take a look at a plan that will give you better coverage, better definitions for accident or illness, and you can get enough money to actually support your family while off from work.
  • Who is the rainmaker if you cannot perform your duties?
  • Are you setting aside enough money to retire in the lifestyle you want to? How do you know?
We specialize in Dental practices and understand your business because we write coverage for a lot of offices. We represent a number of different carriers — not just one. We specialize in your industry, so we know what to cover and where to for the best coverage.

Contact us so we can at least review what you have and offer suggestions. I know your brother in law might be your current agent, but he may not be up on what is needed for your business.

Call Colgrove Financial, LLC at (480) 830-2595 for a free Arizona dental offices insurance quote today!
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